A lot has changed in my life recently. I'm realizing now that I have more changes to make going forward. Hopefully, by sharing my journey I'll stick to it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a Month

Well. This month has been interesting. I started off with the best intentions, but getting laid off while being sick doesn't really help things. Of course, that spawned dealing with insurance changes, unemployment filing, and more shifts at the diner. Yay! There's nothing quite like a heaping helping of stress to cause chronic health issues to flare up. Long story short, I spent an evening in the ER and am now having my meds adjusted and dealing with all kinds of fun side effects. Tingling in the hands? Check. Extreme tiredness? Check. Mental fog? Double check. There seems to be a pattern of the side effects settling down about 3-4 days after my dose increases, so with any luck, I should be ok in about two weeks. At that point, I will definitely refocus on taking care of myself. I'm doing that now, too - staying hydrated and getting lots of rest, but I have absolutely no energy to work out. I really need to though. I start my new job one month from today. I WILL be back on track by then. I need to be.