A lot has changed in my life recently. I'm realizing now that I have more changes to make going forward. Hopefully, by sharing my journey I'll stick to it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting in the Middle

When telling a story, most people start at the beginning. But what if the beginning is hard to pinpoint? Was the beginning of the changes in my life in May when I graduated and moved out on my own? Was it two years ago when I decided to radically change my major over the course of one weekend? Was it when I graduated high school and was able to put the not-always-pleasant experience behind me? I'm not going back five years, or even two; six months is even a lot to try to cover, so I'm starting in the middle.

In the past eight months, I've graduated from College, moved out on my own, thought I had my dream job, found out I didn't have my dream job, gained about 15 pounds, and settled into a routine of working two jobs. I've worked on accepting my current employment situation (though that may be changing soon *fingers crossed*), but, clearly, some things need to change. Again.

The problem is that I'm not always the best at initiating changes. I've lost track of the number of times I've decided to get in shape. I've recently joined a gym, and was really good about going for a while - until I got sick and confined to my apartment for a week. That was 6 weeks ago. I baked a pan of brownies last night. Yeah, this is working real well. But as of today, that is changing. The brownies (ok, most of them) are going into the freezer, and I am going to the gym after work on Monday.

Obviously, that is not the only change I need to make, but I'm going to start there first. My hope is that by making this public, I will have the perseverance to keep moving forward, even though I'm going to hold off sharing this with my family and friends for a while.

I guess this is a beginning after all.

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